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Through midyear, the Park City real estate market has followed a unique trajectory that ultimately leads to a familiar outcome. While the total number of sales has significantly declined from the peak activity observed in 2021-2022, a cooling trend that emerged in 2022, the scarcity of available listings and the absence of homeowner distress have effectively maintained prices at or above all-time highs.

Fortuitously, the composition of consumers investing in Park City real estate is largely immune to fluctuations in interest rates. The allure of the lifestyle associated with these properties tends to overshadow any adverse economic conditions, except for the most dire circumstances. In the case of 2023, the primary obstacles to higher transaction volumes have been the limitations on supply and the overwhelming snowfall. As of June, only 524 residential sales have been completed, marking a substantial decline compared to the 885 sales recorded during the same period in 2022. However, contrary to historical trends where the second half of any given year typically sees around 10% more sales than the first half, the latter six months of 2022 only yielded 650 sales. Consequently, the first half of 2023 has experienced a notable rebound.

Uncharacteristic of most decelerating markets, prices in Park City have generally remained stable and even witnessed increases over the results of 2022. The year-to-date median price has only decreased by a marginal 2%, while the average price has risen by 5% due to a number of high-value transactions. When compared solely to the second half of 2022, both the median and average prices have soared by an impressive 15%, reaching unprecedented heights.

The proportion of luxury sales in Park City has closely mirrored the trajectory observed in previous years. A remarkable 71% of all transactions have closed above $1,000,000, mirroring the figures from 2022 and outperforming any other year in the history of Park City.

Noteworthy top sales year-to-date include an $18,000,000 transaction within the Montage at Deer Valley, a $13,800,000 sale in The Colony at White Pine, an $11,244,000 transaction in Canyons Village, and four transactions ranging between $10,000,000 and $11,000,000 within Deer Valley’s esteemed neighborhoods.

Following the winter season, the inventory has gradually increased to slightly surpass 600 residential listings, indicating a statistically balanced market. However, considering the customary acceleration in the third quarter, coupled with pent-up demand, it is highly likely that this inventory will be absorbed by Labor Day, thereby reinstating the market’s characteristic scarcity of supply.

Regardless of the eventual outcome, the quality of life and the unparalleled offerings available in Park City and its surrounding areas remain among the most exceptional across resort destinations in the western United States. Best wishes for a happy and enjoyable summer season in Utah.